About Us

What is a "Rich Rat"? 

A rich rat is someone who enjoys mixing elements of fashion; someone who enjoys luxurious items made from rich fabrics, but also favours casual street style.

A rich rat is someone who pairs glamourous textures and prints with grungy items like graphics and distressed appearances.

Their style cannot be classified as it is a combination of luxury & affordability, femininity & masculinity, and it is always shabby but chic.


Who are we?

Founded in the summer of 2014 with the goal of providing a unique shopping experience, we want to give our shoppers the chance to shop two sides, grunge or glamour, while learning how the two work together. There is something for everyone; from office to weekend wear and everything in between.

We are a Canadian company and we are proud to have several Canadian brands. Rich Rats is always on the market for new brands to bring you distinct pieces for your closet.


  Our Brands:

  •  Against Nudity
  •  BB Dakota
  •  Black Swan
  •  Chaser Brand
  •  Gentle Fawn
  •  Jack
  •  LA Made
  •  MinkPink
  •  Others Follow
  •  UnREAL Fur